Fashion for Funerals

and Fantasy Eulogies

Putting the ‘Fun’ into Funerals.


Let’s talk about it, cry about it, laugh about it, make art about it.

Death – Our collective yet predominantly ignored destiny is faced and embraced using a multi-media theatrical fashion parade.

Fashion for Funerals and Fantasy Eulogies – Putting the FUN into Funerals is a story telling platform for writers’, film and theatre makers, fashion designers’, artists’, psychologists’ and scientists’.

Bringing death to life by creating a cultural shift in the way we grieve that makes our inevitable end accessible and acceptable. Fashion for Funerals premiered at the 2015 Nati Frinj Biennale to audience acclaim. The show will be toured in Ballarat, Melbourne and beyond. Further details when dates are set.

This project was made possible by a ‘Cultural Projects and Skills Development Grant’ offered by the Regional Arts Fund, administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.

Featured Designers – Kat Pengelly, Effie Williams, Faith Valent, Clare Schreenan, Garth Horsfield
Fabric Designers – Melinda Muscat, Erin Bond Matherson, Bren Luke, Casey Tosh, Rob Kelty

Fashion For Funerals & Fantasy Eulogies – Video by Nadine Jade Productions