Feeling the Ceiling

Fashion for Rock Climbers

Frockies and Rockies united at a fashion parade inspired by rock climbing at the Nati Frinj Biennale of 2011.

Located 20kms from Horsham in the Wimmera region of Western Victoria, Natimuk (Nati) is situated near the foot of renowned international rock climbing destination Mount Arapiles. ‘Feeling the Ceiling’, named after a climb at Arapiles, was tailor-made for the Nati Frinj by Kat Pengelly and her collaborators to celebrate cliff-face fashion and the integration of climbers into the small rural town of Natimuk.

It was a sellout show with over 300 in attendance.

‘As a social commentary, the show was well researched and very entertaining.  It’s portrayal of the times was both accurate and irreverent!’  – Kim Carrigan, one of Australia’s most famous climbers of the 70s and 80s.

The project was made possible through a grant from the Regional Arts Fund administered by Regional Arts Victoria.





Artistic Director & Producer

 Kat Pengelly


Script Writer

Kirsty Hawkes


Choreographer/ Aerial Design

Jillian Pearce


Project Management Assistance

Auspicious Arts, Selene Bateman


Nati Frinj Director

Kate Finnerty


Sound & Light

Luke Prendergast


Fashion Design

Kat Pengelly

Maggie Aitken

Suzanne Kalk

James Penrose

Charlie Frost

Paul Hoskins


Design & Costume

Jo Foley

Greg Pritchard


Hair & Makeup 

Vanilah Hair Salon, Ballarat – Michelle Quarell

University of Ballarat Horsham Campus – Natalie Okely & Ewen Ross


Script & Research (Interviewees)

Chris Peskier

Louise Shepherd

Keith Lockwood

Glenn Robbins

Kate Aitken

James Aitken

Elaine Aitken

Glenn Tempest & Simey Mentz, book- ‘Arapiles Selected Climbs’


Narrator – Isabel Hertaeg



Alex Ford

Effie Williams

Alex Moroney

Robbie Bennett


Aerial Performers [R=Riggers]

Anthony Schellens R

Wendy Eden R

Damo Auton R

Gareth Llewellin R

Marissa Land

Kane Hendy


Backstage Rigger

Damian Javonovich



Michelle McFarlane

Melissa Powell

Simey Mentz

Luke Prendergast

Gareth Llewllin



Simey Mentz

Tim Bray

Jacqueline Schultz

Suzie Haslam


Nati Frinj Support

Kate Finnerty, Director 2011 Nati Frinj

Lynne Quick, Logistics

Martin Bride, OH&S



Geoff Little

Frank Tagliabue