Concept & Design- Kat Pengelly, Koshka 2011
Lisa Jordan Photography
Models – Chris Hutton & Inga Nolan
Hair – Vanilah
Makeup – Lucy Simpson & Sasha Stojanovic
Polly Shoes

Pipe Dreaming

Autumn/Winter 2011

A Pipe Dream is a fantastic plan or hope that is considered unlikely to eventuate.
Kat dreams big and believes big…because it’s free to dream…

The Pipe Dreaming collection was created primarily as a series of sculptures, the priority being form rather than function. The outfits are conduits for Pipe Dreams, to focus thought and aid realisation of your desires. 
Focus Hocus Pocus!

Silhouette and shape were the main consideration with inspiration coming from the humble plumbing pipe. The concept creates an industrial aesthetic that renders the wearer almost inanimate – in effect, the garment wears the person in the Pipe Dreaming series.

Cotton drill, cool mesh, foam rubber and wire were used to construct these pieces which are predominantly cream in colour with black foundation garments.

This collection was featured in Launch Pad, a solo exhibition and performance of Kat’s work at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in 2011.