Wear ART Now

Autumn/ Winter 2013

Wear ART Now was about Creating artistic outfits that are accessible and wearable.
Kat used leather for the first time in this collection and employed a number of processes to experiment with the new material whilst producing her garments. She studded, branded, slashed, punched and had tattooes inked onto hides.
Wear Art Now was a collaborative process with other local artists. Kat Ratcliffe of Ink and Hide did the tattooing and Tim Bignell forged a hot iron brand of Kat’s logo that she used to brand the leather.
Kat also teamed up with teachers and students from Federation University Australia UNISTYLE who did the models’ hair and makeup for the opening and closing parades.

Concept & Design – Kat Pengelly, Koshka, 2013
Tattoos on Leather – Kat Ratcliffe, Ink and Hide, 2013
Michelle Dunn Photography
Models (In order of appearance in photos and film):
– Isobel Monie, photo and film
– Louisa West, photo and film
– Natasha Wans, photo. Julie McLaren, film
– Meg Campana, photo and film
– Menna McAlpin, photo. Kat Ratcliffe, film
Hair & Make-Up – Federation University Australia Unistyle
Polly Shoes


Parade starts at 3:05. Watch from start if you want the opening hustle and preamble.

Filmed by Simey Mentz