Hoping to raise awareness on agricultural waste, the Grampians and Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group asked the creatives of regional Victoria to design innovative solutions that will encourage agricultural companies to repurpose their plastic.

The Plastic Problem

If you grew up in the country, you will be familiar with the single-use plastic material that is used for grain bags. Often up to 150m long, grain bags are used to store cereal crops following harvests and can be found in large quantities nationwide.

While it is an efficient and cheap solution to the problem of produce storage, it causes many more long-term issues for the environment. Due to their low value, most grain bags will be met with match and flame at the end of their use, which releases toxic smoke across our agricultural land.

Vogue Gone Rogue was a competition to encourage those in the fashion industry to rethink how we can use discarded grain bags. The competition aims to repurpose agricultural plastic by encouraging artists to produce an item of high-end fashion making use of the unwanted material.

Vogue Gone Rogue


Leanne Westblade and Kat Pengelly with their entry, ‘The Dizzy Dame’ inspired by Dame Edna Everage.

Louisa West Photography