Brave Fortune Collection

Spring/Summer 2016

Invited to participate in the inaugural Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in Ballarat, Kat created a pop up Koshka Boutique with yellow as the feature colour accompanied by grey, black and white.
Low, reversible cowl tops are teamed with pencil skirts or hand drawn, striped trousers with a wide leg pleated into a thick black cuff.
A white linen dress has a slightly revealing underarm cut,
pin tucked bodice and thick straps crossing over at the
back finished with bronzed studs.
The ‘Druid Hoody’ features a tapered hemline, thumb holes,
pockets and a real option for stylish warmth.
Concept & Design- Kat Pengelly, Koshka 2016
Photography – Louisa West Studio
Models (In order of appearance):
– Eve Ristrom-Gallimore
– Sarah West
– Trixie Ramsay
Headpieces – Feathers by Faith
Polly Shoes


For Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in Ballarat

Ballarat Mining Exchange