Concept – Kat Pengelly
Garment Design – Kat Pengelly
Hand Painted Fabric -Casey Tosh
Michelle Dunn Photography
Models – Casey Tosh & Kat Pengelly
Hair- Federation University Australia UNISTYLE
Kat’s Makeup – Casey Tosh
Polly Shoes

Racy Rascal


Casey Tosh, a Ballarat artist, used to ‘live’ at Koshka Studios. One day Kat threw a piece of fabric into his studio and asked if he would like to paint on it with the intention of it being turned into an outfit for a Melbourne Cup event. In a rather rapid fashion, the fabric was painted and transformed into a garment that they named ‘Racy Rascal’. This is one of Kat’s favorite outfits to wear, the energy of hand painted fabric brings clothing to life.