Current Project

Fashion for Funerals


Let’s talk about it, cry about it, laugh about it, make art about it, but most of all…
dress up for it!

Death Our collective yet predominantly ignored destiny is faced and embraced using a multi- media theatrical fashion parade. Bringing death to life by creating a cultural shift in the way we grieve that makes our inevitable end accessible and acceptable.

Fashion for Funerals premiered at the Nati (Natimuk) Frinj Biennale to audience acclaim in 2015. This was made possible through a grant received from the Regional Arts Fund administered by Regional Arts Victoria. It was then show cased in November 2017 in association with The Art Gallery of Ballarat’s exhibition ‘Romancing the Skull’. Leading sponsors for the second rendition were the Art Gallery of Ballarat, the City of Ballarat, Federation University and the Ballarat Arts Foundation. Again, the audience response was overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s nothing short of being epic as a work; ….examining the experience of death through the lens of history, culture, art and science. Visionary costumes, poetic projections and choreographed movement are combined creating a compelling and hard to categorise performance. The work involves a number of leading artists we fundamentally believe in and want to champion”. Bryce Ives

Hearing word of this darkly innovative show, Remembrance Parks Central Victoria (Bendigo Cemetery) has offered to be a major sponsor and present Fashion for Funerals as a headline act at the Bendigo Fashion Festival this year. October has been penciled in for the third production. Other interested parties who wish to align with this event can contact Kat via email

Kat aims to tour the show both nationally and internationally.

Death is the story
Life is the motive
Memento Mori
Embody Each Moment

Click here to view the Fashion for Funerals studio photo shoot.